About Kenzie

Welcome to Sweet Like My Tea, a lifestyle blog.

My name is Kenzie, and I live almost as far from the south as you can get! Idaho is my home, and I don’t plan on leaving this gorgeous state. But that doesn’t mean I can’t pretend to be a southern-belle from time to time.


Southern-Belle: (noun) a woman who embodies the attitude and manners typically derived from the south, including southern charm and hospitality. Warmth, grace, and femininity in dress, speech, and behavior.


In 2012, I created my first blog Strong Like My Coffee. It’s “Healthy College Girl” theme was perfect while I was studying marketing at Northern Arizona University and competing in NCAA Division 1 Track and Cross Country. After I graduated college, I was no longer a College Girl, and I didn’t want to alter the theme of Strong Like My Coffee. So I let it come to an end in 2017.


I’m not ready to stop blogging though, life is just getting interesting! I love reading other people’s stories about travel, cooking, fashion, photography, and general life stuff. I also love being able to go back and read my own stories from my freshman year of college, and so I decided to create a sequel to Strong Like My Coffee. Sweet Like My Tea was launched in the summer of 2018!



I hope my stories from my silly life can bring you some entertainment and enjoyment!

-XO, Kenz