Sometimes you want creme brulee, and sometimes you want Jell-o

It’s been a girlie week for me! Last we chatted was Monday after my “book club” (you’ll understand why I feel the need to use quotation marks if you read my last post haha). On Tuesday, two of my coworkers and I went to happy hour at a local wine bar that turned into a 5 hour 6 course meal! (It’s all fun and games til the $200 bill comes, right?!) It was well worth the fun and all the special attention from the wine bar owner who insisted on creating us our own off-the-menu dishes.

We started out simple with an appetizer of fried green beans to share. Then we split a basil pesto tomato flatbread. After that, the bar owner said he would whip us up something off the menu if we trusted him. He came back with filet mignon bites cooked in crown royal with mushrooms and toasted bread on the side.

At that point I wasn’t even interested in more food, but Bri and Karen were drawn to the dessert menu. They were considering crème brulee, and I guess when I mentioned I’d never had that before they were sold! The bar owner brought out the dish to the bartop in front of us and made a show of his culinary blow torch, but all I could think of was my favorite scene from the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding. I used to watch that movie all the time with my mom when I was little and Julia Robert’s metaphor about crème brulee and jello is forever engrained in my brain. “You will NEVER. BE. JELLO.” You have to watch it!

I tasted a bite of the crème brulee and it was not bad, but I’m definitely more of a chocolate girl. The bar owner took note, left for a moment, and came back with THIS:

Mind you – I didn’t order this! He just overheard me telling Bri that I prefer desserts with chocolate 😂

Oh my goodness, it’s a good thing my New Years Resolution wasn’t diet-related because this night was over the top in every way. Karen scooped up all the whip cream, and before she knew it the bar owner was setting down an actual bowl of whip cream in front of her with a spoon. Be careful what you wish for around here because you will definitely get it!

After 5 hours, we decided that 6 dishes and a couple glasses of wine was enough for the night.

The next day, I had another girlie date at the movie theaters. Mary Poppins was one of my favorite movies when I was little. I swear I really did a lot more in my childhood than watch movies, but it’s relevant again to this story. One of my birthday parties (I can’t remember what age but I want to say 6?) was a Tea Party with Mary Poppins at Disneyland! We all got our own tea pots of chocolate milk. Mary Poppins Returns has been in theaters for a while and I wanted to go with my mom. We invited another friend of ours to meet us there and sneak in bags of candy, cheese, crackers, protein bites, and mini bottles of wine. We had the whole theater to ourselves! I couldn’t believe that the movie was nearly 2.5 hours. But it was really cute and I think it was just as good as the original even though sequels rarely ever live up to their predecessor. Emily Blunt was PERFECT and I think she did Julie Andrews proud.

The next night was my third girls night in a row. It was a Paint N’ Sip class! I’ve gone to almost a dozen of these since I moved to Idaho. Not sure if my abilities have improved at all but I really have fun pretending to be artistic! The class was full and I was seated next to a group that was more interested in the Sipping than the Painting. Let’s just say their end results made me feel much better about my own, and I wasn’t the worst in the room!

Tonight I’m finally breaking the Girls Night streak. I did a few errands after work, drove through the car wash and now I’m finally sitting at my kitchen counter with a little cup of Cheez-its. Even though its Friday night, I don’t really have any desire to go out. I did enough of that this week and I let the hustle and bustle get the best of my stress levels. Balancing work, fitness, eating healthy, keeping a tidy home, fitting in blog posts, my own pampering habits, along with trying to be as good of a girlfriend, friend and daughter as I can be is kind of a lot!

(I just redid my hair with some longer extensions and a few shades darker. It hasn’t quite grown on me yet, I’m thinking I’ll be a brighter copper for summer.)

Yesterday I got caught up in the emotion of not feeling like I could handle everything as perfectly as I wanted to and I had an anxious outlet that I’ve never experienced before…….I compulsively plucked off all of my eyelash extensions. It was a weird feeling! I’ve never in my life been a nail-biter but I think it would be a similar habit. Not really wanting to remove my eyelashes and knowing I would eventually regret it when I looked in the mirror, but feeling so anxious and overwhelmed and brain foggy that I can’t stop any way. It was bizarre. I confessed about it to my mom and my boyfriend last night, saying I had given myself bald eyelids until my next eyelash fill appointment. Ohhhh man, if that’s a sign I need to calm down on something I don’t know what is.

With that, I think I’m going to close out this post so I can savor a couple hours of just CHILLING. I got my steps in for the day, I’m getting my second blog post up for the week, the laundry and dishwasher are going, and it’s time to find something for dinner and hang out with the boy.

Xo, Kenz

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