Go With the Flow (but only if you have enough brake fluid)

Today’s blog post isn’t anything profound, it’s more a collection of journal entries from the past six days.

It’s been a simple week – nothing extravagant – but there were still little moments that I want to jot down to remember that made me smile!

Like singing Shania Twain in the car bright and early Sunday morning with Zeb and him getting so many of the lyrics wrong. Although I do think “DAMN I feel like a woman” sounds better than the original, and it’s especially funny coming from a masculine dude!

Friday night after I published my last blog post, Zeb came home from a happy hour with one of his friends. It had been a long, tiring week with lots of emotions and I just wanted to stay in for the night with him. So we got wild and busted out one of the party games my parents put in his Christmas stocking called “Joe Name It.” OMG we had so much fun! Although it is a game that definitely requires some thinking skills. We laughed our way through an entire game together, and then Zeb confided….”That game makes me feel stupid.” LOL We agreed that we can both use some more brain games! 🙂

Saturday was a bit more eventful, although it turned out absolutely NOTHING like we planned! Isn’t that usually the best though?

This was the very first weekend that Zeb was in Idaho since before Thanksgiving. He is a commercial airline pilot and has been on a 4 day trip for the last 9 weekends in a row. Luckily I got to go to on his Colorado trip with him, but even still he was busy from 7am-10pm. So for the past couple of months, our time together has been limited to Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays after I get home from work which we certainly make the most of but I would be lying if I said I didn’t crave really quality time together for an entire uninterrupted day.

Remember when I said I had a new anxious habit develop out of nowhere last week? Well I had an appointment to fix my mess first thing Saturday morning. Zeb went to brunch with a couple of buddies and I met him at the café afterwards with a full set of eyelashes. Our plan after that was to swing by his friend Mike’s hangar and pick up the 1948 Buick we took out on one of our “early days” dates. We were going to cruise because it was unseasonably GORGEOUS out and end at a local winery for a wine tasting and lunch. After the view, the wine, and the drive, we had packed our tennis shoes to go for a long walk on the scenic canal just outside of town and maybe say hi to his uncle. Then we would go back to my place and cook a homemade dinner together! Doesn’t that sound like the perfect date day?!

Absolutely zero of those things happened.

It’s okay. It all worked out for the better. 😉

The past 12 months are making me feel more and more like certain things are “meant to be” and “happen for a reason”….whether by the cosmos or some greater being, I have no idea. But there have just been so many events that cannot simply be coincidental! Here’s a small, more trivial example but I still feel like it was meant to be.

The Buick has always run smoothly for us. We took it to a small town car show a couple of months ago and it was in perfect condition. When we got in on Saturday though, Zeb struggled with the brakes as we left the airport. Two blocks later, he said the brake fluid must be out and he even had to use his emergency brake to get us to stop at a red light. Scary! We pulled into the closest parking lot, Albertson’s. Which was nice because I could go buy a snack while he did manly car stuff 😉

A car drove by and slowed down to get a better look at the Buick sitting in the Albertson’s parking lot. I recognized that car….and the driver….. It was our friends! Joe and Jamie had all five of their kids with them and had just stopped for a box of donuts on their way to a park one town over.

The thing is, they don’t live anywhere close to this Albertsons. It’s actually in a different town than where they live. The chances of them being on this street at the exact moment we were there pulled over was such a strange coincidence! Not knowing we had plans to go to a winery, they invited us to the park with them to fly Joe’s new drone and run around with the five little ones. It didn’t look like our car was going to take us very far, and by the time Zeb got it back the hangar and fixed the brakes, the winery would be closed.

“How about we run in and grab us a box of wine to go with your box of donuts and meet you at the park.” We also picked up some cheese and crackers to have our own “tasting!”

After hours of running around the park and climbing around the playground, chasing the cutest little kiddos, I got in all my exercise for the day and we didn’t need to go for our long walk along the canal.

Joe and Jamie invited us over to their house for homemade Manhattans, which turned into dinner as well. Not one thing we had planned for the day actually transpired, but we seriously had the BEST time at the park in the sunshine running around and I’m glad it all happened the way it did.

Tonight, I’m flying down to California for a doctor appointment tomorrow. I have a 5 hour trip including my long layover. So I compiled all of the cute video footage I shot throughout the entire month of January and I’m planning on turning it into a “Highlights of the Month” vlog for my YouTube channel while I’m sitting!

There were actually quite a few more fun things to share (like making my own scented candles!) but this is turning so lengthy so I’ll split it into it’s own post tomorrow. 🙂

XO, Kenz

One thought on “Go With the Flow (but only if you have enough brake fluid)

  1. Yay!!! I love it! I agree, some things happen just because they are meant to be. That probably the biggest reason I always try to be flexible and never force plans. Whatever the universe has in store is probably better than whatever I had planned.


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