The Never-Ending Happy Hour

Hey friends  🙂

I know a few days have passed already, but I have to write about last Friday night. My mom got 4 tickets to the hockey game, so Zeb and I met her and my dad for drinks and dinner right after work. I worked out and ate relatively healthy for the 6 days prior, so I did not feel guilty about skipping an evening work out and splurging on some wine and sushi!

Zeb picked me up from work and we drove to downtown Boise. We started with some happy hour cocktails that we didn’t exactly love so we switched to wine and beer for the rest of the night. I always crave sushi and I picked the Mango Tango roll but definitely snuck a few bites from Zeb’s cajun mac n’ cheese.

We spent longer at the restaurant than we planned, so we missed the first period of the hockey game. We spent the majority of the second period in line for more drinks, ice cream, and Steelheads merch. The Idaho Steelheads beat the Tulsa Oilers! But we weren’t ready to call it a night just yet.

Next we trekked down to a dueling piano bar and scored a booth. It’s the only piano bar in Boise so it fills up quickly and tables are first come first serve. My mom and I got up and danced to Footloose and Zeb requested the Funky Cold Medina. We STILL weren’t ready to go home when we left the piano bar so we walked a block up the street to a whiskey bar and played some girls vs boys pool.

The lights turned on and before we knew it, it was 2am and the bar was closing! We slept in til 11am on Saturday morning. I love/hate when that happens. My body really needed the rest and was able to sleep to its content; but we missed the entire morning and weekend days together are already so rare! We made the most of our day on Saturday with lots of errands, visiting some friends in their airport hangars, getting some quality puppy snuggles in, and going on a happy hour double date.

We ended the night with my first ever viewing of…..Top Gun. I will finally understand all the quotes and references from my pilot boyfriend and all his friends!

Zeb was off on another trip bright and early Sunday morning so my friend Amanda came over to shoot some photos that I’ll be able to use in future posts. She just bought new camera equipment and wanted to test it out in an indoor setting so she snapped away for three hours with content that I will be able to include in some upcoming blogs. I can’t wait til she’s done with her editing magic and I can see the final product!

This was a pretty superficial blog post, just covering the basics of what I’ve been up to for fun the past week. There’s been quite a bit more going on behind the scenes and I have a few different projects and ideas that I’ve been obsessing over how to bring them to life. That’s taken a little bit of my focus and energy away.

Tonight I have a full to-do list though! (Working full time is just so inconvenient 😉 ) Tomorrow night I’m hosting a book club at my apartment. So tonight I need to clean and organize, and go to the store for drinks and snacks. I also want some quality time on my treadmill before I make myself dinner and I still need to edit some photos for this post before I can hit that publish button and cross another item off my to do list. If I had all the time in the world, I would love to work on my February vlog as well. Can’t do everything I suppose!

I read today that we only have 22 days until spring, and that light at the end of the tunnel is helping me barely get through these late February snow storms. Stay warm!

Xo, Kenz

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