The 26 List

I turned 26 years old last week, and this is coincidentally my 26th blog post on Sweet Like My Tea! That was totally unplanned! How crazy is that πŸ™‚

Lots of bloggers post lists on their birthdays like “26 Things You Don’t Know About Me” or “30 Things I’ve Learned By 30 Years Old.” I took to Instagram for suggestions on what kind of list I should make.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, so here is an alphabetical list of things I’m LOVING right now!

A.) Avril Lavigne’s new album. Her first hit “Sk8er Boi” came out in 2002! I was 9 years old. I still like the songs off of her first albums and I’m so excited she’s released new music!

B.) Blackberry Bramble cocktail. A homemade Valentine’s Day concoction.

C.) Corks. I have saved the cork from nearly every wine bottle I’ve ever bought for myself. My rule is I can only save the cork and add it to my collection if I actually drank out of the bottle it came from. My tall cork basket is finally full and now I need to come up with a craft for them!

D.) Drone footage. Zeb bought himself a new toy and has been flying his drone over the river for some gorgeous scenic sunset videos. He’s sent me videos to use for my next Vlog and I love them! We even sent the drone up for this picture of us:

E.) Extra long phone charger: after years of using the standard charger and being stuck to the wall, I finally invested in a 10ft phone charger and the longer leash is giving me so much more freedom! πŸ˜…

F.) Free coffees on my birthday. Yay for loyalty programs!

G.) Gino’s Italian Restaurant. This is where I went for my birthday dinner last week with my parent’s.

H.) “Healthy” Valentine’s Day Dinner. We opted for home cooking rather than a restaurant and I’m so glad we did:

I.) Instagram stories – my own and other people’s. It’s my favorite form of social media!

J.) Jumping Squats – this is one of my favorite exercises besides running, and I always make time for them through out the day….while I’m waiting on the microwave, usually.

K.) Kentucky mules. My boyfriend and I ordered mules on our very first date, and I immediately fell in love with the flavor of ginger beer. The traditional mule is a Moscow mule with vodka, but I much prefer a Kentucky version with bourbon. (Out of all the letters, this one was the hardest for me to come up with something! I saved it for very last because all I could think of was “Kenzie” and that just sounded too selfish πŸ˜› )

L.) Lazy Sundays. Yesterday I did get in a workout, grocery shopping and laundry, but I took my time and leisurely tidied up the apartment while listening to podcasts and sipping on a fruit smoothie and it was the best!

M.) Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. We are still on the first season because I fall asleep any time we lay down on the couch to watch TV πŸ˜€

N.) National Geographic nature documentaries on Netflix. (Triple “N”!) I will watch any and all of them right now!

O.) Oat milk as a coffee creamer substitute. It’s definitely got a unique flavor and it’s less watery than almond milk.

P.) Pressure cooker recipes. Zeb came home from Bi-Mart last week with a new pressure cooker & we’ve already made a couple of hits! I rarely ever cook meat (unless frozen chicken nuggets count) so this is helping me expand my culinary skills.

Q.) Quaker Rice Cakes. This is not a cop out for the letter Q; I really do have an addiction to the ranch flavored mini rice cakes! I can easily finish a bag in one sitting….

R.) Roses from my love.

S.) Sticky notes on the bathroom mirror. ❀ marks the selfie spot!

T.) Thai Chicken Salad from Panera Bread. This was what I ran out and grabbed for lunch on my birthday because it is seriously so fresh and flavorful.

U.) Unfollowing “inspo” accounts on Instagram that make me get into a comparison mindset. I love finding and following new accounts, but I also love clicking that “unfollow” button when someone gets too filtered or commercialized.

V.) Vow renewals. On Saturday, we celebrated my boyfriend’s parents 37 year anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony in their home and it was a beautiful celebration of their love and marriage.

W.) Weekly vitamin containers! At the beginning of 2019 I wanted to set myself up for success in taking my daily vitamins and supplements. I have a variety of different supplements I incorporating right now like Iron, Biotin, Calcium, and Turmeric, and I’ve also opted to take a couple more nutrients in tablet form for convenience like Green Tea, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Milk Thistle. Each Sunday now, I refill my vitamin containers for the week and set them on the counter top!

X.) X’s & O’s. Okay this one was a cop out. πŸ˜€

Y.) YouTube videos “Try Not To Laugh Challenge.” I saw a couple of YouTubers film this challenge and immediately tried with one of my girlfriends and with my boyfriend. Google it and try it yourself, I dare you!

Z.) Zeb Baney πŸ™‚ thanks for helping me out with a “Z” word, babe!


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