Playing Dress Up Never Ends

There is no age limit on dressing up in over-the-top costumes.  In fact, I WELCOME any excuse to go a little elaborate on my outfit an makeup!

When I was younger, probably between 7 years old and 13, one of my absolutely favorite things to do on the weekends was play with my mom’s makeup. Any time I had a sleepover or a playdate, I took advantage of a new face to give a makeover and hairstyle. Okay I’m not going to lie….I never did quite out-grow that 🙂

At 25 years old, I still can’t pass up the opportunity to rock a pink A-line wig and some winged eyeliner:

Last week, one of the Idaho charities had a fundraiser event called Witches Night Out. A ton of local businesses joined the fundraiser by donating their proceeds for the night, while us local patrons took advantage of an excuse to splurge on local bars, restaurants and vendors while wearing silly hats and creepy costumes. I’m not so much into the creepy side of Halloween though…..I’ll take some pink lipstick and vintage high heels over fake blood any day please.

I went to Witches Night Out with my mom and a couple of girls I work with. We started at a local wine shop for rose and lots of girl talk. I would’ve been perfectly content spending the entire evening at that high top table talking about our relationships and jobs and goals and dreams, but we had already committed to checking out the rest of the vendors before the event ended. So we reluctantly peeled ourselves away from our glasses and headed just up the street.


My personal favorite vendor was a “Lip Reader” straight out of Harry Potter. She put on a gorgeous deep purple shade of lipstick on me, that I blotted onto a “magical” napkin 😉 According to my lipstick imprint, my very special numbers are 6 and 3. (I used them on the Mega Millions Lottery tickets the next day. Clearly she misguided me, as I still woke up at 6:30am and commuted to my corporate job this morning….)

Speaking of corporate jobs…..I’ve never quite appreciated weekends like I do now that over 45 hours of my Monday-Friday are committed to my cubicle. When Friday night rolls around, sometimes I’m too physically and mentally exhausted to summon the energy to leave the house. Other times I’m SO PUMPED to make sure this life is memorable. I was just talking about with my boyfriend, telling him how we don’t look back on life and remember the nights we laid on the couch. He and I have what I feel like is the perfect balance between relaxing nights in for resetting & exhilarating nights out with hilarious people and unforgettable adventures.

I digress.


Back to my point, one of the aspects of having a life that revolves around an 8-5 job is fitting in exercise, cooking, cleaning, errands, chores, social life and relationships. Gosh dang, it is hard. It is hard to find time to master everything. One thing I’ve gotten a better handle on in the past month is a nutritious diet. I used to be a health NUT – absolutely obsessive over clean eating. Then I moved into my own townhome, started dating, and went overboard on the cheesy appetizers and cocktails. Since my boyfriend decided to watch his carbohydrate intake, we’ve been cooking dinner together (okay, Zeb cooks and I watch and entertain him) with mostly protein and veggie-based dinners.

Now that I feel like our diet is under pretty good control (there’s ALWAYS room for improvement and I’m sure my body would be perfectly fine with a few less glasses of wine, but progress is progress) my focus shifts to workouts.

Running comes naturally to me, it’s something that’s genuinely enjoyable. The only reason I don’t lace up and knock out miles after work every day is simply because of the inconvenience of having to shower and redo my hair and makeup afterwards. If it weren’t for the whole sweating thing, I’d gladly go for runs on my lunch break and after work every day. But since that’s just not hygienically practical for me, I am limited to morning workouts for the time being. And prying myself out of a comfy bed at 5am while my boyfriend turns over and drifts back to sleep is a daily battle I have with myself. My consistency has plenty of room for improvement, let’s just say. I try to remind myself that no one can absolutely NAIL every aspect of their life, and I’m currently thriving in the work and relationship department. I don’t want to change either of those for a faster 5k time at the moment 😉 I’m doing the best I can with the time I have.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Alright, I’d like to keep this as a short and sweet of a recap of all the memories since my last post and this is already becoming a scroll-fest so I’ll start cutting to the chase:

Friday night finally arrived after a week of balancing all the life things! Our “Question of the Happy Hour” was this – what would you do within the first 5 minutes of winning the lottery? In case you didn’t know, Friday night was the Mega Millions lottery drawing which hit a record-breaking $1 billion. THAT IS TOO MUCH MONEY FOR ONE PERSON……but that didn’t stop Zeb and I from stopping at the gas station for a few tickets before our date night.

We even grabbed a couple scratchers (something I’ve never done before!) to play during our first round at a local sports bar watching the Boise State Bronco’s dominate under the Friday night lights.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I won $6 off of tickets I spent $5 on. 🙂

I had started my Friday night after work on a relaxing note while I waited for Zeb to come pick me up after work. My apartment was freshly cleaned and organized and I loved spending an hour just enjoying my surroundings that I’ve worked hard for.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Zeb came home from his flight with a little souvenir for me…….chocolate is every girl’s love language, am I right?

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I stopped taking pictures after 8pm that night, but we went out for a date night dinner of BBQ and then invited over another couple friends for some games and drinks. We ended up all playing darts and cards until a little after 1:30am. This girl woke up at 4:45am, so that was way past my usual limit of being social and I crashed about 2.3 seconds after we all said our goodbyes!

Saturday morning was jam-packed with tons of fun with this stud muffin.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

There is a teeny tiny town in Western Idaho called Notus. Notus hosted a Harvest Festival, car show, and pin-up girl contest on Saturday so Zeb drove his 1948 Buick out to the festivities. I dressed in a Navy costume, red heels, and victory curls. Told ya…..I love dressing up 🙂

His friends met us at the show with their five kiddos that are 8 months to 8 years old and I got in my baby fix by holding the sweetest and smiliest little baby. They look so adorable with their toothless grin!

After the car show, we slipped into much more modern clothes and met some friends at the PBR. I’ve never been to a professional bull-riding show before so I loved watching the bull fighters and clowns hilarious entertainment.



I won’t bore you with the details of Sunday Funday because I don’t expect you to be as satisfied by my chores and workouts as I am. 😉 Zeb and I finished the Sunday night off with a cozy dinner, chicken salads, and some quality time out in the Idaho country savoring the moments of having no cares in the world.

I will mention though a brief conversation we shared that stayed on my mind all the way through this morning at work:


Zeb and I walked to the grocery store to grab a couple ingredients we needed for dinner that night, since Albertsons is right across the street. We were talking about some hot topics and current events and I shamefully admitted that I didn’t know much about them. I said, “I’ve put myself in my own little bubble for the past few months.”

What I meant was, I haven’t paid the best attention to the news or other people’s social media accounts or trending topics. They haven’t interested me during this season of life where I’m focusing on building a life that I’m proud to live. Zeb asked what I meant about living in my bubble, and what the best part of focusing on my own lane has been.

I gave him a personal answer that I will refrain from sharing on the internet, but I found a quote on Pinterest today that was a more eloquent version of what I was trying to say:

I’ll sign off at that. I could easily keep writing and writing, but I’m not going to lie: my boyfriend just turned on Season 2 of Making a Murderer on Netflix and I’m too distracted. 😀

XO, Kenz

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